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Liberia’s press union calls for the release of a jailed journalist

The Press Union of Liberia has condemned the closing of a newspaper and the continued imprisonment of its publisher and editor-in-chief. Rodney Sieh of the FrontPage Africa newspaper was sent to jail last week after the Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling last month that the paper carried a libelous article against then Agriculture Minister Chris Toe. The court then ordered FrontPage Africa to pay 1.5 million US dollars in damages. Authorities arrested Sieh on August 21, after he said his paper could not afford to pay the fine. Authorities also shut down the paper on Friday. Press Union of Liberia President Peter Quaqua said that while the Union remains an advocate for the rule of law, it believes the nature of the court’s decision is intended to punish Mr. Sieh rather than repair the alleged damage to Mr. Toe’s reputation.


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