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Pope Francis renews his call for dialogue and peace in Syria

Pope Francis has made another passionate appeal for the cessation of hostilities in Syria in order to save human life. Addressing thousands of pilgrims at the end of his Sunday angelus prayer at the Vatican, the Holy Father said that the intensification of violence in a war against brothers pushes me yet again to raise my voice even higher in asking the warring sides to stop the noise of the guns that are causing so much misery. He said that he has been disturbed by `'terrible images'' of atrocities occurring in Syria, and urged the international community to step up its efforts toward helping Syria find a solution to this `'tragic situation.''
With great suffering and preoccupation I keep following the situation in Syria, said Pope Francis, adding that from deep down his heart he wanted to show his closeness with prayer and solidarity with all the victims of this conflict and those who suffer especially the children, and invited them not to lose their hope for peace. Pope Francis renewed his call for dialogue as he commended the Syrian situation to the blessed virgin Mary, our lady of peace.


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