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The narrow door is the right way to salvation, so be courageous and ask the Lord for forgiveness, Pope Francis told the pilgrims during his Sunday Angelus on Sunday

During the traditional angelus prayer on Sunday, Pope Francis reflected on the Gospel according to St. Luke where Jesus is Jerusalem and he is asked about how many poeople would be saved. In sharing his thoughts on the subject the holy father invited Christians to be courageous and be free to ask for pardon from God each time that do anything wrong. Listen to the rest of Pope Francis' reflection as kampamba reports. RealAudioMP3
Before his midday angelus prayer on Sunday, Pope Francis commented on the Scripture readings of the day. Addressing pilgrims that had gathered in St. Peter’s square to accompany him in his prayer, the Holy Father focused his reflection on the Gospel reading on salvation, taken from Luke.
The gospel message itself is centered on the man that had asked Jesus about how many people would be saved, to which question Jesus answered by encouraging people to fight to win their salvation by choosing to enter by the narrow door. And the Holy Father said this is the way of Jesus because he is the Door himself.
The holy father challenged those who think they are so much burdened by sin that they consider themselves unfit for salvation, to gather themselves up, have some courage and strive for the narrow door. He said everyone is invited to go through this door regardless of whatever we think we are. The important thing said Pope Francis is to let Jesus, the narrow door penetrate our life, transform and renew it and give it joy.
In conclusion, the holy father invited everyone to live an active Christian life of faith and prayer that manifests itself in the works of charity, of justice and doing what is pleasant to God.


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