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Ban Ki-Moon’s message for International Day to end nuclear testing

28 Aug.2013: UN Secretary-General Bani Ki-moon called on all nations to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons by signing the Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty. Ban issued the appeal in his message for the fourth International Day against Nuclear Tests, to be observed on Thursday 29 August. Ban said fifty years ago, with the adoption of the Partial Test Ban Treaty, the international community completed its first step towards ending nuclear-weapon-test explosions for all time. But this objective remains a serious matter of unfinished business on the disarmament agenda. Ban noted that although 20 years have passed since the Conference on Disarmament began negotiations on the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT), it has still not entered into force. Today, 183 countries around the world have signed CTBT and 159 have ratified it. However, some States have still refrained from taking action, thus, preventing CTBT’s entry into force.
Stressing that there are no justifiable grounds for further delay in achieving this great goal, Ban said the eight remaining States whose ratifications are necessary for the Treaty to enter into force have a special responsibility, and urged all States to sign and ratify CTBT without further delay. As we mark this International Day against Nuclear Tests, let us work together to end nuclear weapons testing and achieve a world free of nuclear weapons, Ban added.


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