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Cameroon to phase out the use of Polyethylene plastic Bags by early next year

The government of Cameroon has begun a campaign aimed at eliminating polyethylene plastic bags by early next year. The ministry for the Environment said six million tons of plastic waste are generated across the country every year. The plastic material it said are dangerous to humans and to livestock. When they remain in the environment, they block gutters, creating flooding. They interfere with food production by preventing water from reaching the soil. Animals that have swallowed them have had their bowels blocked and in the end died. The government said producers, importers and marketers of these plastic material have until March next year to stop their distribution. Whoever violates the law will be liable up to between two and 10 years in jail or a fine of 20,000 US dollars. The government has advised the producers to switch to natural or recyclable materials.


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