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Sharing faith experiences – Glory Fernandes -II

Welcome to our special program on the Year of Faith, THE FAITHFUL WITNESS, a series on the lives of Inspiring People and Witnesses of faith in the Catholic Church from around the world. These are people who lived their ordinary lives in extraordinary ways. Their unique stories inspire us to be rooted in our faith. God calls each one of us today to inspire our brothers and sisters and to be witnesses of our faith.
The Faithful Witness of this week is Glory Fernandes from Mumbai, India. Born and brought up in a Catholic family in the Southern Indian state of Kerala, she had worked in Mumbai till her retirement. She now lives in Mumbai with her husband and children. In the second part of this interview she shares with us her faith journey.
Our Faithful Witness of today, Glory Fernandes of Mumbai, India, shares with us her faith experiences, and what she does to enhance her faith on a daily basis. Glory Fernandes welcome back to Vatican Radio. Last week you shared with us how you were cured miraculously.
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    Similar thing also happened to your husband. Tell us about it.
    When was it?
    You went to Church while he was being operated, right?
    Now he is fully well?
    Having experienced such wonders, what is your message for Christians, especially in this year of faith?
    What do you do daily to foster your faith?

Thank you Glory Fernandes. That was the second part of an interview with Glory Fernandes from India. Glory Fernandes is also one of the earliest listeners of Vatican Radio in India.
You have been listening to THE FAITHFUL WITNESS our weekly series based on the lives of Inspiring People and Witnesses of faith in the Catholic Church from around the world. Our Faithful Witness today has been Glory Fernandes from India. If you have a faith experience to share with us, let us know. Visit our website radiovaticana.va. This program is brought to you by Vatican Radio’s English Service for South Asia. By P.J. Joseph SJ
FRIDAY, 30 Aug 2013


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