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Syrian bishop says 'no' to armed intervention

28 Aug. 2013: "If there were a military intervention, I think it would lead to a world war," said Chaldean Bishop Antoine Audo of Aleppo in an interview to Vatican Radio on Tuesday. The bishop, who is President of Caritas Syria stressed that this risk is palpable again in Syria and that things are not so easy. As UN inspectors investigating Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons met with civilians affected by chemical agents during last Wednesday’s toxic gas attacks in the suburbs of Damascus, Bishop Audo called for “real dialogue between the parties in conflict” to find a solution to this war that is sowing destruction and death.” He also said he hoped for an end to the fighting, so that people will be free to move around, travel, communicate and work.
According to Bishop Audo, everyone is saying the situation is worst in Aleppo. In Damascus it is apparently still possible to travel and use the airport to get to Lebanon, whereas in Aleppo you can’t move. Many have fled to the Syrian coast, where things are generally calmer, he said.


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