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For Muslim constitutionalist, Christians are vital for Bangladesh

Dhaka - August 29, 2013: Christians are minority in Bangladesh but they are number one in quality, this according to Kamal Hossian, a leading legal and constitutional expert who is credited as one of the main authors of the Constitution of Bangladesh. Dr Hossain, who is a Muslim, spoke at the presentation of 'A useful law book for Christians" by Fr Albert Rozario, secretary of the Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace.

The event was held on Tuesday at the Press Club in Dhaka and was attended by more than 300 Christian leaders, lawyers, two archbishops and government officials. Dr Hossain is a prominent figure in the political and cultural landscape of Bangladesh. During the War of Liberation (1971), he was arrested by the Pakistani government.

After the declaration of independence, he served the country in the first government of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. As Minister for Justice (1972-1973), he was one of drafters of the Constitution of Bangladesh, which was completed in 1972.

A long-standing member of the secular-oriented Awami League until 1990, he left the party over differences with its leader, Sheikh Hasina, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's daughter, and founded his own organisation, the Gano Forum, of which he is still president.

Dr Hossain studied at Notre Dame College, a Catholic school. "My hope," he said speaking about the book, "is that Christian lawyers can give a great contribution to the country."

For Shafique Ahmed, a Muslim and current Minister for Justice, the book "is meant to help not only Christians, but people of all faiths, to bring peace and harmony to the country. Everybody should read it."
(Source: AsiaNews)


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