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Catholic Patriarch of Egypt says proposed Western Military intervention in Egypt to protect Christians not Necessary

Catholic Patriarch of Egypt, Ibrahim Isaac Sedrak, has reminded western politicians who, these days are calling for a western military intervention in Egypt on the pretext of protecting Christians, that Christians, though a minority, are an integral part of the Egyptian people. He warned that western powers have never intervened anywhere to protect people. History has shown that their interventions are meant to protect their own interests. Violence erupted in Egypt on August 14th when the military and police used bulldozers and tear gas to clear out camps of supporters of deposed President Mohammed Morsi who were demanding his release and reinstatement. Hundreds of protesters were killed in the process. Some of the protestors attacked Christians and their places of worship on grounds that they connived with the army to depose Morsi. More than 85 churches have been looted, desecrated and burnt down since then. Shops and homes belonging to Christians were also attacked, looted and destroyed.


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