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Religious Leaders speak out against the planned US-led Military intervention in Syria

The head of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church in Syria, Gregorios III, has warned the United States, Britain and France against their proposed military intervention against the country. Speaking from Lebanon this week, he stressed that in spite of the ongoing conflict, reconciliation initiatives were still viable and should be the top priority for all countries concerned with the crisis. He criticized the US policy towards Syria, which he said fuels violence and hatred by its lack of consistence. He condemned whoever has used chemical weapons to attack the civilian population and highlighted concerns about foreign fighters coming into Syria, and pointed that their presence had intensified the flow of arms into the country. He called upon the United States and Russia to put together a peace plan for the country.
The Chaldean Patriarch of Baghdad, Louis Sako, has added his voice to that of Gregorios III to condemn the planned US-led military intervention against Syria, saying it would create more problems to the Middle East. Recalling how the American intervention destroyed and destabilized his country, Iraq, he said the attack on Syria wound encourage hatred, fundamentalism and crime. He refuted the claims by American President, Barrack Obama, that the attack on Syria was meant to protect the civilian population and to take democracy and freedom to the Syrians. Patriarch Sako said there was no way the Americans and their French and British allies would protect Syrians against their bombs dropped by fighter planes. With regard to democracy and freedom he said they cannot be exported to another country. He noted that democracy is a process that develops over time and cannot be imposed by force. In a related development, the monastery of Saint Moses in Syria has appealed to the United nations to exert pressure on the United States, Britain and France to stop their plans to attack Syria. It said the Syrian crisis cannot be resolved by a military intervention but through dialogue. On Tuesday, the monks and nuns of the monastery held prayers for peace. The Prefect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches, Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, has also expressed concerns about the plans by Britain, France and the United States to attack Syria on the pretext of protecting the civilians against chemical weapons. He said the situation is worrying and the oriental catholic churches have joined pope Francis in praying for peace in the country.


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