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Caritas Internationalis calls for Dialogue in Syria

Caritas Internationalis has added its voice to the voices of millions of people around the world to call for peace in Syria. In a statement released at the weekend, the organisation condemned the alleged chemical attack, saying the use of chemical weapons was a horrific crime. It invited the parties in the conflict to engage in dialogue. In additional comments, the Secretary General of the organisation, Michel Roy said the Syrian people don’t need more bloodshed, but a quick end to it. He said launching a military intervention by foreign powers will simply widen the war and increase the suffering of the people. Meanwhile, the Syro-Orthodox Metropolitan Archbishop of Jazirah and Euphrates, Eustathius Matta Roham, has reminded France and the United States that it will be easy for them to launch their air strikes against Syria but difficult to end the war and its consequences. Citing the tragedies caused by western wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he advised against war and called for dialogue and negotiations. In a related development, Christian communities in Syria began a week of prayer for peace on Saturday. The organisers issued a statement inviting all Syrians and the entire world to join them for prayers for peace and to avoid a military intervention by Western countries seeking to protect their economic and strategic interests in the Middle East.


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