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An Egyptian Court orders the closure of four Television Channels

A court of law in Egypt ordered on Tuesday the closure of four television channels. They include one run by the Muslim Brotherhood, Ahrar 25, the Egyptian branch of Al-Jazeera, the Islamist channels al-Quds and al-Yarmuk. The judge said the channels had played a role in inciting violence in the country. On Monday, Egypt expelled three foreign journalists working for Al-Jazeera's English language channel, saying they did not have the permits to practice journalism in the country. Meanwhile, Egyptian Security agencies sealed off many roads in Cairo on Tuesday following a call by members of the Moslem Brotherhood for demonstrations under the slogan: The coup is terrorism. The government was also engaged in battles with Islamic militants in the Sinai peninsula on Tuesday. Military helicopters were seen firing at targets. Reporters in the area said many houses believed to be hideouts of the militants were destroyed and that several people had been wounded in the attacks. Attacks by Islamic militants on security agencies and Christians escalated in the Sinai Peninsula after the removal of president Mohammed Morsi from power by the military on July 3rd this year.


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