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Heads of State to discuss renewed fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo this Thursday in Uganda

The Heads of State of the countries of the Great Lakes Region will meet in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, on Thursday this week to discuss renewed fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Orgaisers of the summit said twelve presidents had confirmed they would attend. Fighting between M23 rebels and Congolese forces backed by the United Nations brigade resumed two weeks ago and threatens to destabilize again the region. It has forced thousands of civilians to flee their homes, some crossing into Rwanda, and others into Uganda and Burundi. Similarly, the conflict has created tension between Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the United Nations. Rwanda complained last week that Congolese troops had fired bombs into Rwanda which killed several people. The Congolese government denied and accused the M23 rebels for the attacks in attempts to drag Rwanda into the conflict. At the weekend Rwandan television showed images of hundreds of Rwandan troops taking positions at the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.


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