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U.S. bishops to Obama : No military attack in Syria

Sept 5, 2013: The Catholic bishops of the United States are opposed to any military action against Syria and called on President Barack Obama to engage instead in the search for a cease -fire and an end to the civil war. In a letter to Obama , the Episcopal Conference recalls that Francis Pope and the Middle East bishops urgently asked the international community to avoid any military intervention , which would have " unintended negative consequences" , and would "exacerbate an already deadly situation".

The letter, signed by Card. Timothy Dolan , president of the episcopal conference and by Msgr. Richard Pates , president of the Justice and Peace Commission , condemned the use of chemical weapons , but insists on the judgment of Pope Francis, according to which " God and history " will judge those who use them .

The bishops also appealed to all Catholics in the United States to contact U.S. lawmakers pressing on them to vote against military intervention. The vote is scheduled from September 9 on. The appeal also asks the faithful to push political representatives so that " U.S. leadership , in collaboration with the international community " can work for "an immediate ceasefire in Syria and serious, inclusive negotiations for peace".

Bishops revealed that on August 29 Msgr. Pates sent a letter to John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State , which expresses the Church's position : " [T]he path of dialogue and negotiation between all components of Syrian society, with the support of the international community, is the only option to put an end to the conflict and to the violence that every day causes the loss of so many human lives....' We ask the United States to work with other governments to obtain a ceasefire, initiate serious negotiations, provide impartial and neutral humanitarian assistance, and encourage building an inclusive society in Syria that protects the rights of all its citizens, including Christians and other minorities." (Source: Asia News)


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