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DRC: Peace talks between the government and rebels may resume soon

The presidents of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda have called for peace talks to quickly resume between President Joseph Kabila’s government and the M23 rebel movement. A summit organized in Uganda's capital Kampala on Thursday marked a rare opportunity for Mr. Kabila and Rwandan President Paul Kagame to hold face-to-face meetings at a time when their countries are engaged in a dispute over Rwanda's alleged military involvement in eastern Congo. The negotiations between the Congolese government and the M23 rebels have repeatedly stalled since late last year. In a statement issued late Thursday, the presidents and other regional leaders called for peace talks to resume within three days and conclude within a maximum period of two weeks. The statement called for maximum restraint to be exercised on the ground to allow for talks to conclude. In August, Congolese troops backed by U.N. forces battled M23 rebels near the eastern city of Goma, home to nearly 1 million people along the Rwandan border. Last week the M23 rebels declared a unilateral cease-fire following a week of heavy fighting with the Congolese troops.


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