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Egypt Christians live fearing violence: Indian Jesuit

Egypt, 07 September 2013: Head of a Jesuit school in Egypt’s Minya, Father Bimal Kerketta, has said that after President Morsi’s removal, Islamic extremists have been targeting the Christian community.

The school is in danger even though three quarters of its pupils are Muslim. Minya residents complain that things are out of control in their governatorate as Islamists vent their rage indiscriminately.

"When they march in front of our church, during demonstrations organised by the Muslim Brotherhood, protesters are amazed that the building is still there," Father Kerketta said.

Originally from Jharkhand in India, the priest has been in Egypt for ten years. He has been working as the principal of the school run by the Jesuits in Minya for five years.

"Each day, they gather in front of the building shouting slogans of intimidation," said Father Kerketta.

Minya Governorate, which is located on the Nile south of Cairo, felt the brunt of the Islamist wrath following Mohammed Morsi's removal from power.Many local sources describe a city out of control and left to fend for itself.

"Fundamentalists have burnt and destroyed everything," a resident said. "Their aim is to remove all traces of a Christian presence here. Even orphanages have been looted."

Since June 30, when the President Mohammed Morsi was ousted, at least 12 churches have been torched and destroyed in Minya alone. The number of buildings affected goes up to 20 if orphanages and other Christian-run facilities are considered.

Islamists have been targeting Christian schools and churches, museums and anything that stands for modernity. One of the country's main museums of ancient Egyptian art is located in Minya and was recently damaged and looted and about a thousand pieces stolen. Authorities said that some members of the Brotherhood were among the thugs that attacked the building.Source: UCAN


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