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No more food aid for 200,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon from October: UN

Beirut, 07 September 2013: The UN is reducing food aid to the refugee camps in Lebanon. According to UNHCR (the UN agency for refugees), funds for 2013 are insufficient to cover the entire budget. Because of this, at least 200 thousand refugees will now have reduced aid. These include many Syrians who fled to Lebanon because of the war between Bashar al-Assad and the rebels.

From October UNHCR will offer only "targeted assistance": 70% of the refugees will receive food aid, and those most vulnerable will also receive medical aid and educational services.

"Because of the shortage of funds - said spokeswoman Roberta Russo - we are forced to cut some of our direct lending." "If we do not see an increase in funding soon - she continued - we will no longer be able to help needy families with which we have dealt with so far, not to mention the new waves of refugees that could arrive is the fighting intensifies". In the case of U.S. military action, the situation is likely to worsen. Sources tell AsiaNews that speculation of a military attack against Syria immediately generated an increased flow of refugees to Lebanon which has risen from a few thousand to over 12 thousand per day.Source: AsiaNews


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