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Pope Francis told those gathered for his Sunday Angelus that Commercial wars are decimating humanity

Looking fresh from leading the Saturday fasting and prayer vigil aimed at encouraging peace in Syria and the entire world, Pope Francis on Sunday said the midday angelus prayer with thousands of pilgrims gathered in St. Peter square. Pope Francis began by meditating on the current global picture, focusing on the crisis in Syria, and called for an end to illegal arms trafficking, as he repeated his appeal for peace in that country.
"The war against evil means saying no to fratricidal hatred and the lies which feed it, saying no to violence in all its forms, saying no to the proliferation of arms and the illegal trade in arms," the holy father said. He said that there is so much illegal trade in arms and that there is there is always the doubt whether these wars here or there are wars for real problems or wars to sell arms. He said what we witness to day is a commercial war to sell these weapons illegally, adding that these are the real enemies to be fought - together and united, following no other interests than those of peace and the common good. The Holy Father then called for an immediate end to violence and devastation in Syria and encouraged the international community to work with renewed commitment for a just solution to the (fratricidal) conflict among brothers.


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