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WCC Supporting interfaith calls for peace in Egypt

The World Council of Churches (WCC) has expressed support for the interfaith calls to action for peace and security in Egypt. Reacting to a recent statement issued by Bayt al-‘a’ila al-misriyya (The Egyptian Family Home) which appealed for the “security measures to protect the churches, the mosques, the national and the religious buildings, Sec Gen of the WCC, Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, encouraged religious leaders to work together to call for protection and to promote the sanctity of human lives and religious places.
The Egyptian Family Home is an initiative of the Christian and Muslim leaders in Egypt, which was created in 2011, and collaborates with WCC member churches in Egypt, including the Coptic Orthodox Church. “Terrorism does not take into account the sanctity of religion,” notes the statement, issued on 15 August. The Egyptian Family Home also encouraged “efforts exerted by the civilians either Muslims or Christians who are defending the churches in this crucial period, setting a sincere example of the Egyptian patriotism against the sectarian divisions and terrorism.”
Echoing the concerns raised in the statement, Tveit emphasized the fact that “the future of Egypt with justice and peace is only possible through the commitment of all Egyptians.” He added that “Protection of all human life and sacred sites is a common responsibility of both Christians and Muslims. The WCC supports and stands in solidarity with the call for joint action and efforts for reconciliation and security by the religious leaders in Egypt”. In recent events following the 14 August demonstrations, hundreds of people have been killed, while several churches and mosques were burnt down in Cairo and other places.
WCC Supporting interfaith calls for peace in Egypt


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