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Pope Francis hears the considerations and advice of the heads of Vatican departments

Pope Francis on Tuesday met with all the cardinals and archbishops who head the various departments or dicasteries of the Roman Curia. The meeting held in the Sala Bologna in the Vatican was also attended by the President of the Governorate of Vatican City State and the Cardinal Vicar General of the Diocese of Rome. A statement from the Press Office of the Holy See said in the course of the past few months, the pope had received in separate audiences all the heads the Roman Curia but this time around wanted to meet them as a group to listen to their considerations and advice.
The statement said the meeting with his closest collaborators fits naturally within the context of the implementation of the suggestions made by the College of Cardinals during the General Congregations before the Conclave that elected him as Pope in March. It is also in the context of the reflections of Pope Francis on the governance of the Church, which will reach an important threshold at the beginning of October when the group of 8 cardinals he has appointed to help him in this will meet for the first time.
The meeting Tuesday which was chaired by the Pope himself lasted for three hours.


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