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Southern Vietnam ordains first priest

11Sept.2013: In southern Vietnam the 'Community of charity and social services' of the Diocese of Phan Thiet ordained its first priest a few days ago. The ordination of Fr Joseph Dang Van Tiep was presided over by Bishop Emeritus Paul Nguyen Cong Hoan, founder of the community. The ceremony was attended by more than 40 priests and a thousand people, including Catholics and members of other religions. In his homily, the bishop expressed gratitude for the "gift" of a priest, which he said is a source of encouragement for the whole community. "Our motto is 'unconditional love and service'," the prelate explained, "and that is why we pray to God and the Virgin Mary for all the people, who work with and for the good of the Church and the poor. "Founded in 1995 when the bishop was still parish vicar at Thanh Linh, the group's mission is centred on pastoral care with a truly missionary impetus. Today, 18 years after its foundation, the religious community has 224 members, including seminarians, 78 religious men and women, and its first trained priest.
Source: Asianews


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