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Arrests made following an acid attack on a priest in Zanzibar

An official in Zanzibar says police have arrested 15 people among them suspects linked to terror groups in connection to a spate of acid attacks in recent months. Police commissioner Mussa Ali Mussa said Tuesday some of the suspects have links to al-Qaida and Somali militant group al-Shabab but offered no evidence. Mussa also said police have seized 29 liters of acid from different people, saying they were illegally in possession of it. Last week Catholic priest Fr. Anselmo Mwanga'mba was attacked and badly injured in the fifth acid attack in Zanzibar since November. The priest has since been transferred to Dar es Salaam in mainland Tanzania for treatment.
Last month two young British women doing volunteer work were injured when acid was thrown in their faces. In February, Catholic priest Fr. Evarist Mushi was killed in Zanzibar, while at Christmas another priest, Ambrose Mkenda was seriously wounded in an ambush. Some churches have also suffered attacks prompting the Catholic Church to denounce strongly the climate of intimidation against Christians and propaganda of those who incite religious clashes .


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