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Pope Francis visits Sardinia on Sunday

Vatican City, 21 September 2013: "350,000 pilgrims coming from all over the Island to embrace the Holy Father and to praise the faith and hope" ran the headline of the newspaper ‘Sardinian Union’ on the eve of the pastoral visit of Pope Francis in Cagliari.

Pope Francis visits Cagliari on the Italian island of Sardinia on Sunday, September 22nd . This is his second pastoral visit in Italy, after the one in Lampedusa. The highlight of the current pastoral visit is the celebration of Mass at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Bonaria. The Pope announced in May that he wished to visit the Marian Shrine of Bonaria or “Good Air” because it gave his hometown of Buenos Aires its name.

During his 10-hour visit to the city of Cagliari, the Pope will also meet workers, business representatives, prisoners, the poor, young people, leading representatives from the world of culture and the island’s Catholic bishops.
The Pope’s final meeting will be with the youth. Pope Francis is scheduled to be back in the Vatican late evening. Source: VR Sedoc


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