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The merciful gaze of Jesus changes our lives: Pope Francis

Vatican City, 21 September 2013: The gaze of Jesus changes our life, remarked Pope Francis in his homily at Mass on Saturday morning, at Casa Santa Marta residence in the Vatican. As the Church celebrates the Feast of St. Matthew, apostle and evangelist, the day’s gospel focused on his conversion. And hence Pope’s reflection on the gaze of Jesus and the resulting change.
Jesus looks into the eyes of Matthew, a tax collector and a public sinner whose life was cantered on money which was his idol. But the look of Jesus changed him, converted him, and he got up and followed Jesus, said the Pope. The look of Jesus never humiliates you, rather it invites you to get up and move forward, and it makes you feel that He loves you. And this gives him the courage to follow him, explained the Pontiff.

The gaze of Jesus was not something magical, said the Pope, adding Jesus was not a specialist in hypnosis." But he gazed at everyone, and they felt his gaze. His look changed Peter, who first denied him, but after meeting Jesus’ gaze wept bitterly. Then there is the ultimate look of Jesus on the Cross – looking at his mother and at the disciple. With that look, he told us that his mother was ours.

When the gaze of Jesus fell on the sinners and publicans, it was like a breath on the embers. They felt that there was fire in the belly, and Jesus made ​​them rise and restored their dignity. The gaze of Jesus always makes us worthy, and gives us dignity.

"All of us in life have felt this look, and not once, but so many times! Maybe in the person of a priest who taught us the doctrine or absolved our sins. Jesus waits for us to look permanently. And that last look of Jesus on our lives will be forever, will be eternal.
Source: VR Sedoc

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