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7 innocent Christians convicted with false accusations in Odhisa

02,Oct. 2013 A court in eastern India’s Odhisha State condemned on Monday seven innocent Christians for the murder of Hindu leader Laxamananda Saraswati, that triggered
terrible anti-Christian violence in the state. The judges are scheduled to pronounce the sentence on Thursday, (October 3).These men have been in jail for five years without any evidence against them, despite the Maoists having always claimed responsibility for the murder.
For Sajan George, President of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), the court's decision is "a travesty of justice". He told Asianews "It is shameful that innocent fathers of families have been locked in jail for almost five years and subjected to trials for a crime they did not commit ."Accused of having shot Laxamananda Saraswati, leader of the Hindu extremist movement Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), the seven were arrested and tried by the Fast Track Courts, special tribunals, established after the violence to speed up processes. However, these courts have used every procedural loophole to defer the hearings, to deliver the case to a regular Session Court, which has established their guilt.
According to government estimates, during the violence over 600 villages were looted; almost 300 churches were destroyed, as well as numerous convents, schools, hostels and care institutions. 54,000 people lost their homes; 38 people were killed, but according to Church sources, the victims are at least 100.
Source: Asianews


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