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Priest says Youth an instrument of social change in Nepalese church

02 ,Oct: 2013: In the Nepalese Church, youth are an instrument of change, said Fr. Robin Rai, of Kathmandu ‘s Assumption Cathedral, calling on the faithful to fight inequalities. "We are working to reduce the gap between rich and poor, between educated and illiterate Nepalese, and those who have no voice", the priest told the faithful in his homily on Sunday, 29 September. Fr. Rai spoke of faith and devotion to God as the only means to overcome the forms of discrimination that are fragmenting society. He called on all young people and their parents to use God's message to avoid every form of oppression and injustice." The Catholic community of Nepal has over 8,000 worshippers and their number continues to grow. Local church missions are active primarily in the fields of education, social assistance and health care. Fr. Rai also asked his parishioners to always carry a Bible and a cross in order to transmit the word of God and fight inequalities". All the churches of the country plan to join this mission during the month of the Rosary in October.
Source: Asianews


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