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Pope Francis concludes his Pilgrimage to Assisi

Pope Francis concluded his pilgrimage to Assisi on Friday evening with a meeting with over 20,000 young people who gathered in front of the Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels. They asked him questions about faith, family, vocations and their fears for the future, which he promptly answered. Philippa Hitchen reports. RealAudioMP3

Shortly before meeting the youth, the pope had met with the priests, the religious and cloistered nuns of Assisi. He encouraged them to find joy in their vocations, to listen and be receptive to the Lord, and to be missionaries who accompany their people. Earlier in the day the Holy Father had met with the members of the Serafico institute where the catholic Church in Assisi cares for disabled children and youth, and with the poor of Assisi who are assisted by Caritas. Philippa Hitchen again. RealAudioMP3


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