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Pope Francis receives Venezuela’s new ambassador to Holy See

Vatican City, 05 October 2013: Pope Francis received on Saturday morning in audience Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s new ambassador to the Holy See José Germán Hernández Mundaraín. He presented his letters of credential to the Pontiff on the occasion.

According to a Vatican Press Office communique on Saturday, José Germán Hernández Mundaraín, was Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office and Specialized Institutions in Geneva (2008 - 2013) prior to his present appointment.
He was the Director of the Committee of National Institutions for Human Rights in 2006; President of the Conference on Disarmament (UN), and Chairman of the Board of the International Organization for Migration (UN) in 2008.

He had also held several other important positions in the past such as Member of the Council of State in 2011, Member of the Presidential Commission for the reform of the National Constitution in 2006, President of the Ibero-American Federation for the Defense of the People (2003 - 2005), Head of the Venezuelan Delegation at the sessions of the Preparatory Committee for the Summit of the Americas organized by the OAS (1995); Director of the business weekly " El Capital" (1993 -1994).

José Germán Hernández Mundaraín was born in Cariaco (Sucre state , Venezuela) 29 May 1950. He is married and has three children.
Source: VR Sedoc


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