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Sri Lanka’s elderly among 'happiest' in the world

Colombo, Sri Lanka, 05 October 2013: Sri Lanka is among the countries of Asia where senior citizens have the best quality of life it emerges from the Global Agewatch Index, the first study to establish a ranking of nations - on a global scale - based on social and economic welfare of "grandparents". According to Thilak de Soysa, director of HelpAge Sri Lanka, the country's success lies in the fact that 98% of the elderly live with their family.

The best country in the world for older people is Sweden: compared to the Scandinavian country, Sri Lanka is "only" in 36th position. But in Asia it is in fourth place , preceded by Japan (10), Israel (21) and China (35).

The index is calculated on 13 indicators, grouped into four categories: income security, health, employment and education, a favorable environment. Each factor has the same weight and this explains why countries with a GDP lower than others may occupy the upper floors in the standings.

Mark Gorman, Director of HelpAge International, explains Sri Lanka's good result of: "The elderly population of the country can benefit from a good education and basic health care. [Today] all [ countries ] have fewer resources than in the past but when they decide to invest they should also take into account the needs of the elderly."Source: AsiaNews


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