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Holy See reiterates its support for Nuclear Disarmament

The Holy See Secretary for relations with States, Archbishop Dominique Mamberti, has reiterated the catholic Church’s support for nuclear disarmament and warned that dedication to continued research into nuclear weapons will hinder efforts aimed at stopping their continued manufacture and spread. The archbishop made the observations recently when he addressed the United Nations in New York on the danger of nuclear armament. He noted that there is need to emphasize anew that military doctrines based on nuclear arms, as instruments of security and defense of an elite group, in a show of power and supremacy, are dangerous and not only delay but also jeopardize the process of nuclear disarmament and spread. According to the United Nations, there are about 22,000 nuclear weapons in the world today. The United States and Russia have the largest stockpiles. The United Nations has officially supported nuclear disarmament since its first General Assembly in 1946. Archbishop Mamberti noted that the international non-proliferation treaty requires states to make good faith efforts to negotiate the elimination of nuclear weapons, yet many nuclear powers continue to modernize their weapons programs. He criticized the continued acceptance of nuclear discouragement as a justification for the possession of nuclear weapons because it leads to the development of ever newer nuclear arms. He said another reason why the Church is opposed to nuclear deterrence is that it diverts human, financial and material resources from efforts to improve health, education and social services. These resources also are diverted from counteracting threats like poverty, climate change, as well as terrorism and other crimes. He called for a climate of trust and sincere dialogue between countries in order to promote a culture of peace through international cooperation.


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