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Bangladesh garment factory blaze kills seven Death toll expected to rise.

09, Oct.2013: In Bangladesh, at least seven garment workers were killed and dozens injured in a factory fire at Gazipur district near Dhaka on Tuesday, the latest disaster to hit the country’s garment industry. The fire at the two-story Aswad Knit Composite factory broke out Tuesday evening and continued overnight, engulfing a warehouse and two adjacent buildings. “The fire is under control now and we have recovered seven bodies so far,” said fire official Abu Jafar Ahmed. He feared that death toll may rise further. Gazipur police superintendent Abdul Baten said five bodies have been identified. He confirmed a death toll of seven as of Wednesday afternoon, although other reports claim 10 have died. The Gazipur district administration has formed a committee to investigate the incident.
Factory officials said the fire originated in the knitting section on the first floor of the factory. A machine reportedly exploded after gathering excessive heat and set fire to piles of thread and fabrics. Emadul Haque, the factory director has announced 30,000 taka (US$375) for each victim's family as immediate compensation.
Bangladesh’s US$20 billion garment industry is the second largest in the world after China, and accounts for 80 percent of the country’s annual export income.
More than 2,000 workers have been killed in factory fires and collapses in the past decade.
The latest accident comes some five months after the April 24 collapse of Rana Plaza and less than one year after the Tazreen Fashions fire last November, which together killed more than 1,300 workers. The two incidents prompted a global outcry over poor labor practices and working conditions in Bangladesh garment factories.
Source: Ucan


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