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Superior General of the Comboni Missionary Sisters calls upon Members to focus their Lives on Christ

The Superior General of the Comboni Missionary Sisters, Sr. Luzia Premoli, has exhorted members of the congregation to deepen their focus on Christ as they pursue their founder’s work. In a letter she sent this month to all the communities working in different parts of the world, she encouraged the sisters to continue to become “women of the Gospel, mothers and sisters of humanity in order to regenerate life and life in abundance. She said she was convinced that the members of the congregation live in a precious time, which invites them to revive their hope, a time in which their thirst for authenticity can be abundantly satisfied, if they allow themselves to be guided by the Risen Lord, by the holiness of their founder and father, Daniel Comboni and by the words and gestures of Pope Francis. St. Daniel Comboni, an Italian missionary, was the first bishop of the present Archdiocese of Khartoum in Sudan. He founded the Comboni Missionaries in 1867, and the Comboni Missionary Sisters in 1872. He encouraged African Christians to participate in the evangelization of their continent and fought for the abolition of slavery. He was canonized by Pope John Paul II on Oct. 5th, 2003. Sr. Premoli said that the canonization has been a “great gift” from the Church to the order. She encouraged the sisters to reflect on what the canonization has meant in their lives, and in the life of their congregation. She also noted that the sisters need to pay deeper attention to their spiritual life.


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