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Southern Africa’s bishops denounce corruption

16 Oct. 2013: The bishops of Botswana, South Africa, and Swaziland have issued a joint pastoral letter on corruption. They said it has been reported that almost half of the citizens in the countries of Southern Africa, admit to having paid a bribe mostly to police officers and government officials. The bishops said this means that the challenge to work for the eradication of this illness is addressed to all of us. Each must do something within their power to tackle corruption, they added.
The bishops suggested three points for consideration. They said corruption is not the government’s problem alone, it is also our problem. We need to examine our consciences, allow ourselves to be challenged by the Gospel to conversion, and to resist the temptation to participate in corrupt actions. Therefore, let us each pledge to ourselves that we will not pay a bribe or offer one, no matter how serious or important it may seem to be at the time.
Secondly they said - if you experience corruption, report it. Bribery, collusion and all other forms of corruption thrive in conditions of secrecy and concealment, and they persist because we allow them to continue. And thirdly, commit yourself to greater transparency and honesty in the home, parish and the work place, the bishops added. .
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