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Hunger Run in Rome this Sunday to raise money for hunger eradication

(Vatican Radio) Thousands of people are expected to take part on Sunday the 20th in the “Hunger Run” event around the streets of central Rome to raise money for Hunger Eradication. Organised by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the other Rome-based UN agencies, the event consists of a 10 kilometre competitive race and a 5 kilometre walk/run and the proceeds will be used to support a livestock project at a school in the Sudan. The fundraising event is replicated in some twenty other countries around the world. Susy Hodges spoke to Sharon Lee Cowan, Chief of Outreach at FAO to find out more details.

Listen to the interview with Sharon Lee Cowan of FAO: RealAudioMP3

Cowan says this "very enjoyable" event is aimed at "lightening up" the very serious aims and objectives of the various UN agencies to help the poor and hungry and getting across their message to a wider audience around the world.


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