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International Intervention absolutely necessary to stabilise the Central African Republic

The Head of the African section of the international Catholic pastoral charity, Aid to the Church in Need, Christine du Coudray, has welcome the resolution of the United nations Security Council which was unanimously approved Thursday October 10th and whose aim is to stabilise the Central African Republic which descended into a state of lawlessness early this year. Sponsored by France, the resolution promised support for a new multinational African Union force and raised the possibility that the operation would be transformed into a United Nations peacekeeping mission, which would give it more resources and power. The resolution demanded that the interim government, which came into power through a coup d’état in march this year by the seleka rebels, observes the agreement to rule for 18 months and then organise elections. It further demanded that the Seleka and other armed groups lay down their arms immediately and allow the flow of humanitarian aid into the country. It also said the Security Council would investigate and report all violations of human rights there. Miss Du Coudray said only a rapid intervention by the international community can free the Central African republic from the terror of the Séléka fighters. She expressed concern over the indifference of the international community to what was happening in the country. Seleka rebels are a coalition of militia groups. A section of them are Islamic mercenaries from Chad and Sudan. Since march they have killed many civilians and also looted property. Christian missions as well as Christian schools and health facilities have been attacked, looted and in some cases destroyed. Human rights organisations have reported also widespread acts of rape by the seleka troops. The acting president of the Central African Republic, Michel Djotodia, announced recently that the Seleka coalition had been dissolved and that the fighters would be disarmed. But Du Coudray said that that programme had not been implemented yet, and as such the fighters continue to terrorise the population. She called upon Christians in other parts of Africa and in the world to pray for the people in the Central African Republic, especially in this month of the rosary.


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