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Archbishop Chullikatt: Hopes renewed in a newly rejuvenated peace process in Middle East

October 23, 2013: “A solution for each, and for all, of the peoples of the Middle East must be characterized first and foremost by respecting the centrality and dignity of the human person, regardless of race or creed, by a concern for every human life and for human dignity and by the tireless pursuit of the common good for the whole of society, keeping in mind also the regional and international context.” said Archbishop Francis Chullikatt, Apostolic Nuncio & Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the UN, during an Intervention on Tuesday October 22, at the Security Council’s Open Debate on the Middle East

Welcoming with great hope, the re-engagement of Israelis and Palestinians in direct, serious and concrete negotiations, he said that hopes are renewed that we are witnessing at present a newly rejuvenated peace process.

Regarding the four million internally displaced within the borders of Syria itself and more than two million refugees, he said “the situation is extremely grave and is worsening by the day; many people are dying of hunger, and many others on account of lack of access to basic and necessary medical care. The Catholic Church remains committed and active at the forefront in providing humanitarian assistance to people, regardless of their religious or ethnic affiliation, with all the means at our disposal” he said.

He highlighted the worrying exodus of Christians from the region of their birth. “Extremist and reactionary forces introduced into the region as a result of political instabilities and conflicts are targeting Christians and other groups who suffer the consequences of their blind violence.”

He quoted the Pope who had stressed “Never has the use of violence brought peace in its wake. War begets war, violence begets violence”. The Pope had also made a heartfelt plea “that the violence and devastation in Syria may cease immediately and that a renewed effort be undertaken to achieve a just solution to this fratricidal conflict.”


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