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Pope says visit to Argentina, Uruguay, Chile not before 2016

October 26, 2013 - Pope Francis on Saturday met a group of Jesuit past pupils from Uruguay and promised them a visit, but not before 2016. Speaking off the cuff in Spanish in a friendly and relaxed meeting, that included many children, the Pope said ‘a promise is hope’, and recalled his several ties with Uruguay, that neighbours his native Argentina. Speaking about a possible visit to the country, the Jesuit Pope said : “ I don’t know when a trip will be scheduled, but surely not before 2016.” However he clarified that while visiting Argentina, he should be visiting Chile and Uruguay as well.” The Pope urged the Jesuit alumni to pray for him. “Here people are very good, they are good friends and all work together, and there is a lot of work. Hence, pray for me and for my collaborators so that we can go ahead,” the Pope said. (Source: Vatican)


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