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Mother Teresa Award for Social Justice awarded to activist fighting to free child soldiers in Africa

30 Oct. 2013: The 2013 Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for Social Justice has been awarded to Sam Childers, an American Christian who has been fighting against slavery in Sudan and Uganda. The Pennsylvania native previously led a life of drugs and violence, which he left to embrace Christianity. For the past 13 years, he has waged a “war" to free enslaved child soldiers in Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan, Africa. The award ceremony took place on Sunday at The Leela, in Mumbai, India. Sister Prema, Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity, sent a message to congratulate the award winner. Thanking the Harmony Foundation for the honour bestowed on him, Childers said –“Never put limits on what we can do for the life of a child. I cannot accept or believe that innocent children should be dismembered, their ears, noses, arms and legs cut off. When it comes to social justice, it is essential to get it." He said "Blessed Mother Teresa was an amazing lady. I admire her courage and follow her example. Do not limit what you can do for God, and He will not limit what he will do for you!" Childers said "This award belongs to the thousands of children in war-struck Sudan, and in many other parts of the world, who live a daily life with the constant fear and threat of attacks
Founded in October 2005, the Harmony Foundation works to ensure that the legacy of Mother Teresa is honoured and that social justice prevails. The Foundation "strives to restore belief in compassion and egalitarianism," said Abraham Mathai, founder and president of the association. "By acknowledging individuals and organisations working for society, we hope to highlight and reinstate faith in tolerance, social equality and peace," he added.
Source: Asianews


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