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Top Vatican official says more needs to be done to eliminate hunger

30 Oct. 2013: Food is one of the most basic human needs, and the fundamental right to adequate food is recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, said Vatican’s Permanent Observer to the United Nations on Tuesday .Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Francis made the remarks at the United Nations 68th General Assembly in New York, discussing the theme “Agriculture development, food security and nutrition”. The prelate said hunger,like all forms of poverty is caused by exclusion,consequently we can only eliminate hunger and food insecurity by promoting inclusion. He said we could follow Pope Francis’ simple advice that every proposal must involve everyone, and we must leave behind the temptations of power, wealth or self interest and instead, serve the human family, especially the needy and those suffering from hunger and malnutrition.
Archbishop Chullikatt said hunger is not caused by the lack of sufficient food to feed every person on the planet. He said Pope Francis noted that current levels of food production are sufficient, yet millions of people are still suffering and dying of starvation, which he called scandalous. Archbishop Chullikatt said the tragedy of hunger amidst plenty is worsened by the excessive waste of economic resources, especially food.
Vatican’s Permanent Observer to the U.N. concluded saying getting people involved in the process of solving food insecurity is an essential step in achieving our goal of food for everyone. “While improvements in food production remains an important goal, food security will be achieved by all only when we change social structures and when we learn to show greater solidarity towards the poor and the hungry.” He said. “Hunger is not just a technical problem awaiting technological solutions. Hunger is a human problem that demands solutions based on our common humanity.”


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