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Human trafficking rivals drug trade as world's most profitable criminal activity says Vatican official

1st. Nov.2013: Human trafficking today threatens to overtake the drug trade as the most profitable criminal activity in the world, a top Vatican official said on Thursday. Introducing plans at a31 Oct. press conference for a weekend seminar on human trafficking, the chancellor of the Pontifical Academies of Sciences said that human trafficking is “a shocking offense against human dignity and a grave violation of fundamental human rights.” Archbishop Marcelo Sanchez-Sorondo noted that the UN estimates over 20 million people have been exploited as forced labourers in the past decade. Along with virtual slavery, human trafficking also produces victims for sexual exploitation and for the harvesting of organs, he said. The November 1-2 seminar at the Vatican, co-sponsored by the Pontifical Academies of Sciences with the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations, will seek to establish the real state of this phenomenon and an agenda to combat this heinous crime.


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