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Pope assures there is no sin that can erase us from God’s heart

November 04, 2013 - Pope Francis on Sunday reminded Christians about God’s infinite mercy, saying there is no sin or crime that can erase us from the heart or memory of God. Speaking to a vast crowd at his weekly ‘Angelus’ prayer at midday in Rome’s St. Peter’s Square, he reflected on Sunday’s Gospel about the complete change of heart of Zacchaeus after Jesus chose to visit his home. Pope Francis described Zacchaeus, who was short in stature, as a lost sheep, who was despised and ‘excommunicated’ by the Jews because he was tax collector for the hated Roman occupiers, a thief and exploiter. His ridiculous gesture of climbing a tree expresses the interior act of a man to overcome the crowd to contact Jesus. Not even Zacchaeus himself understands the profound meaning of his gesture, nor does he hope to overcome the distance that separates him from the Lord. But the Lord surprises Zacchaeus calling out to him and saying he wants to be his guest at his house. Explaining that the name Zacchaeus means ‘God remembers’, the Holy Father said even Jesus drew criticism from the people of Jericho by visiting the sinner’s house. Because Zacchaeus was lost, Jesus rewards his desire to reach out saying, “Today salvation has come to this house.” The Pope said 'God remembers’, He does not forget any of those He created and He is the Father, always loving and watchful waiting to see in the heart of his children the desire to return home. And when He recognizes that desire, even if it is only a whisper and almost unconscious, He draws immediately near, and with his forgiveness illuminates the path of conversion and return". The Holy Father urged Christians to call out to Jesus by name, to listen to this voice deep down, and to welcome Him with joy. He can transform our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh, He can liberate us from selfishness and make our lives a gift of love. Jesus can do it; let us look to Jesus. The Pope urged. (Source: Vatican)


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