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Twenty-four die in a stampede at a Church Service in Eastern Nigeria

The Red Cross in Nigeria said on Sunday that 24 people had died during a stampede at a catholic mission in the town of Uke, Anambra state, in eastern Nigeria, on Saturday. The stampede occurred before dawn at an open-air prayer service where about 10,000 people had gathered for healing sessions by a local catholic priest. Newspapers and TV stations blamed the stampede on politicians who wanted to take advantage of the gathering to speak about their policies. The area will have elections for governor on 18th of this month. Eyewitnesses said some people gave a false warning of fire in an attempt to end a speech by a candidate to the governorship who attended the prayer service. People started running in different directions when they heard fire. Nineteen of the dead were women and five were men. Police said they had started an investigation into the cause of the tragedy.


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