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Christians give free eye treatment to Hindus, Muslims and Christians in Bangladesh

06 November, 2013 - A Christian youth association is rendering free eye treatment in Bangladesh to needy people , no matter to what religion they belong. A camp to provide free eye examination to those who cannot afford regular check-ups was held recently in Badhun, a village in Gazipur District. About 350 people - Christians, Muslims and Hindus - were able to receive specialised treatment, medicines and eyeglasses thanks to the Badhun Christian Youth Club. The club set up the field surgery with the assistance of doctors from the Dhaka Metro Lions Eye Hospital, a private facility in the capital. Their initiative gave patients with eye problems a chance to buy low cost glasses and medicines. Every year, 80,000 people go blind in Bangladesh because their eyes are not examined in time. The Bhadun Christian Youth Club was founded in 2000. Its president, Alex Rozario, said that he came up with the idea of ​​setting up an eye camp because "In my family we felt the lack of eye care; in the village too. So I contacted the Dhaka Metro Lions Eye Hospital and asked for their help."


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