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Liberia bans motorcycle taxis in Monrovia

The government of Liberia has banned motorcycle taxis in the capital Monrovia. Police said the motorcyclists cause many accidents and many of them steal from the passengers. An announcement made on state radio of Wednesday said any cyclists caught in the city centre and main roads will have their motorcycles confiscated and will be asked to pay a fine of an equivalent of 200 US dollars. Motorcycle taxis are the main means of transport in Monrovia and in many other African cities, but reports from different countries say they are responsible for most of the accidents in the cities. Some of the riders also snatch people’s bags and wallets and speed off. Motorcycle transport has become popular in Africa because the roads are not well maintained and because of the heavy traffic in some cities which leads to jams for hours. Motorcycle riders are able to avoid the potholes in the roads and to maneuver when the traffic is intense. The residents of Monrovia have reacted angrily to the ban and have called upon government to put in place alternative means of transport. Presently there is no state public transport company operating in the city.


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