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Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt loses Appeal

A court of law in Egypt rejected on Wednesday an appeal filed by the Moslem Brotherhood to lift a ban on all its activities and to prevent the state from confiscating its assets. In September this year a lower court declared the Brotherhood an illegal organisation including all its affiliated groups and non-government organisation. The interim government in Egypt has taken serious measures against its after the removal from office of its leader Mohammed Morsi on July 3rd this year. Several senior members of the organisation including Morsi have gone on trial on charges of inciting violence and murder. Hundreds of members of the Brotherhood have been killed by security agencies during violent demonstrations demanding the reinstatement of Morsi as President. The Moslem Brotherhood was formed in 1926 but the government banned it in 1954 when it adapted radical Islamic policies. However, in March last year it registered as a non-governmental organisation called the Muslim Brotherhood Association. Before it was banned this year, it had a legally registered political wing known as the Freedom and Justice Party, and a number of charities and social services. The government said recently that it had formed a committee to review its assets, but that it will not confiscate them until the appeals process is over. The lawyers of the brotherhood said on Wednesday, after losing the appeal, that they would appeal to a higher court.


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