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Zambia's former President, Rupiah Banda, appears in Court on Charges of Corruption

Zambia's former President, Rupiah Banda, pleaded not guilty to a charge of corruption on Tuesday in a court in Lusaka. Prosecution said he received 10 lorries from a Chinese company which he didn’t declare. Instead he registered them in the names of his children and friends. This is the second corruption case against him. In March this year he was accused of benefitting from an oil deal signed with a Nigerian company. He pleaded not guilty to that charge too. Mr. Banda became Zambia’s president in 2008 after the death of President Levy Mwanawasa, whose term of office he was expected to carry on and finish in 2011. However, he lost the presidential election to Michael Sata in September 2011 and a few months later the state started corruption charges against him.


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