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Catholic Bishops of Angola and Sao Tome and Principe call upon the Faithful to reject Abortion

The Catholic Bishops of Angola and Sao Tome have released a pastoral letter describing abortion as a threat to society. They said abortion not only goes against the law of God, but also against the people’s cultural identity. They reiterated the Church’s teaching that life is sacred and must be protected and defended from conception to natural death. They called upon parents, teachers, and health care workers never to recommend or to facilitate abortion in any way. They appealed to Angolans to accept every child regardless of the circumstances in which it was conceived. Meanwhile, the President of the Angola-São Tomé and Príncipe Episcopal Conference, Archbishop Gabriel Mbilingi, has told reporters in Luanda that the priority of the Church in 2014 will be deepening the roots of the work of the missionaries, reviving the faith and making the church the centre of evangelization.


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