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Pope lashes out against corruption

November 08, 2013 - Pope Francis on Friday lashed out against corruption saying it robs man of dignity. “It is a serious sin”, he said in his homily at Mass in the chapel of the Vatican’s Casa Santa Marta residence, where he lives. He prayed for the many young people who receive what he described as “dirty money”, which are the fruit of bribes and corruption. Reflecting on the Parable of the Unjust Steward, the Pope denounced its attitude as “the spirit of worldliness.” The Pope observed that the devil likes the atmosphere and lifestyle of worldliness, of which the steward is an example. Some may argue that the steward did what most people would, but the Pope objected saying, “No, not everyone! Only some company, public, government administrators… perhaps there aren’t even very many.” He said it a shortcut attitude of an easy way to earn a living. Bribe is a worldly and extremely sinful habit, that does not come from God who commanded man to earn his bread though honest work, the Pope explained. Through his dishonesty, the Pope said, this steward brought home ‘dirty bread’ and fed it to his children, perhaps educating them in expensive colleges, in learned environments. By bring home ‘dirty bread’ the father lost his dignity, the Pope said, warning that we might begin with a small bribe, but it is like drug. Pope Francis noted that besides this ‘worldly craftiness” there exist also a ‘Christian craftiness’, which does not conform to the spirit of the world but of honesty. That’s what Jesus says when he asks us to be cunning as serpents and simple as doves: being able to combine the two “is grace from the Holy Spirit”, a gift which we must ask for. The Holy Father concluded his homily with a prayer for the many children and young people fed ‘unclean bread’ by their parents. They too are hungry and are starved of dignity, the Pope said, urging prayers for the change of heart of these people who are faithful to the ‘goddess of bribes’.


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