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The Lord always listens: Pope Francis to pilgrims of Liguria

Vatican City, 09 Nov 2013: “Each one of you has something on your heart: a desire, a problem, a difficulty, something to say to the Lord, and the Lord always waits for you”, said Pope Francis while meeting a group pilgrims from Liguria, Italy, on Saturday in the Vatican. A pilgrimage is an occasion to “knock on the Lord’s heart’, said the Pope, adding that “the Lord listens. He always listens.”.

While it is beautiful to be at St. Peter’s in Rome and to participate in the Mass, said the Pope, the focus of pilgrimage must always be the Lord, to encounter him and to grow in faith. “It is a spiritual encounter that helps us to go forward in the journey of life,” added the Pope.

While the Lord may not always offer the solution for which we ask in prayer, the Pope said, “he always listens.”

Pope Francis concluded by asking the pilgrims to pray for him and to greet on his behalf the children, the elderly and the sick in their milieu.Source: VR Sedoc


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