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Pope prays for victims of Mortar shelling and typhoon Haiyan

Vatican City, 13 Nov 2013: At the close of his General Audience on Wednesday in St. Peter’s square, Pope Francis expressed great sadness over the tragic loss of innocent lives in the conflict in Syria, and the victims of super-cyclone Haiyan in the Philippines. The Holy Father, who was deeply affected by the tragedies said: ‘I learned with great sorrow that two days ago, in Damascus, mortar rounds killed some children who were returning from school and the bus driver. Other children were injured. Let us pray that such tragedies never happen!’

Inviting people to pray and to support the victims of the super-cyclone Haiyan in the Philippines, the Pope said: ‘these days we are praying and joining forces to help our brothers and sisters in the Philippines affected by the typhoon. These are the real battles to fight. For life! Never for death!’ he added.

Mortar shells damaged the Primary Christian School St. John Damascene on Monday in the district of Al-Qassaa in Damascus, killing 5 children and wounding 27 others. Another rocket hit a school bus in Bab Touma, a suburb in Damascus predominantly Christian, injuring 5 students. In the same area, a mortar shell hit St. Cross Church, already hit in past days and another damaged the St. Cyril Church. Three other people were killed by a rocket, always in the center of the capital, reported Zenit.

Relief operations are in full swing in the typhoon hit areas in the Philippines. However, many areas are still not accessible, even five days after the natural disaster, report news agencies. Church groups, non-governmental agencies and countries from around the world have offered millions of dollars of help for the victims.
Source: VR Sedoc


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